Unleashing Collaborative Potential: Highlights from the I-SEAMORE Validation & Guidelines Workshop

A special online workshop aimed at validating end-user requirements for the I-SEAMORE system was held on the 26th of May. The event brought together more than 20 participants from partnering organizations representing end users and technical partners within the I-SEAMORE project.

The workshop started with an introduction and an overview of the session’s objectives. Participants were eager to engage in the validation process related to the user requirements resulting from the elicitation process. This crucial step aims to ensure that the use cases and scenarios that will be tested within the project reflect the needs and expectations of the end users.

Guidelines for open cooperation in co-designing and co-creating solutions for maritime and border security took center stage next. The methodology and guidelines shared during this segment provided a framework for collaborative efforts, fostering innovative and effective solutions in the field.

In the second half of the workshop attention turned to the SELP framework, which addresses social, ethical, legal, and privacy issues. Participants explored the integration of these vital aspects into I-SEAMORE research activities, ensuring a responsible and compliant approach. A brainstorming exercise encouraged dynamic interaction among partners, sparking valuable insights and perspectives.

The workshop concluded with a focus on next steps, reinforcing the commitment to progress and shared goals.