I-SEAMORE Community Program

Welcome to the I-SEAMORE Community Program!

Within the I-SEAMORE consortium, cooperation is paramount, encompassing ethical, technical, and societal perspectives. In our endeavor to achieve diverse and impactful outcomes, we recognize the value of external stakeholders contributing to a richer solution and validation process. The I-SEAMORE Community Program is born from this ethos.

Although not formally outlined in the Grant Agreement, nor committed to specific project activities, the Community Program aims to build a robust and engaged community. Community Members (CM) are not bound by formalities, providing flexibility for active participation in project activities. While not obligatory, their engagement is highly significant for project dissemination and community involvement.

The I-SEAMORE Community Program serves as a lighter form of participation, fostering the evolution of the I-SEAMORE network into a broader spectrum of stakeholders. Join us in shaping a more sustainable future through collaboration and shared insights!


  • I-SEAMORE Community Members (CMs) can be invited to participate and contribute to specific project activities, based on their interests and preferences. Such could be dedicated public project events such as conferences, workshops, webinars, seminars and others.
  • Exclusive invitations to internal Workshops are extended to I-SEAMORE CMs upon the Coordinator’s request.


  • I-SEAMORE CM possess the opportunity to provide valuable input to the project’s development.
  • I-SEAMORE CM are entitled to stay informed about project results, outputs, and stay updated on activity developments.


  • I-SEAMORE CM logo or name will be featured on our webpage.
  • I-SEAMORE CMs could be part of social media project campaigns upon request.
  • I-SEAMORE CM are encouraged to make use of the official I-SEAMORE CM logo.
  • I-SEAMORE CM will be included in the appropriate project mailing lists upon request.
  • I-SEAMORE CM can be granted access to be part of the project collaboration platform based on general conditions.
  • I-SEAMORE Community Members (CMs) are expected to, when requested, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to access confidential information from project partners or other I-SEAMORE CMs.
  • I-SEAMORE CMs are invited to report their involvement in the project activities in which they take part.
  • I-SEAMORE CMs should in any case not harm the project consortium partners with their activities.
If you:
  • are active in the field of or just curious about the latest developments in maritime surveillance and border management
  • want to contribute to the development and validation of our innovative I-SEAMORE ecosystem
  • want to be part of exciting events and discussions and interact with experts and researchers with diverse background, knowledge and experience
  • want to be among the first ones to be informed about the I-SEAMORE project events and latest developments

Then  our Community Program is just for you!

You are just one click away from becoming our most recent Community member!