Newsletter archive

The first I-SEAMORE newsletter is here packed with the latest trends, news and expert insights in the field of maritime surveillance and border management. 

This first issue intends to make known the I-SEAMORE project and its first steps towards the development of an integrated Ecosystem composed of an advanced platform solution to host and manage the operation of several innovative assets, services and systems.

In this second edition you can count on reading about the latest milestones of the I-SEAMORE project, recent reports released by different entities in the last few months, future important events to mark on your 2024 calendar and even a special research article done by our partner Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia (ISIG), dedicated to social, legal and ethical issues.

In the third edition of the I-SEAMORE  newsletter you can find out more about the last General Assembly that brought together the project consortium, the first workshop organized between synergy projects, the launch of the I-SEAMORE Community Program and the Survey on Citizens’ Awareness and Acceptance of EU Maritime Security Systems that is active until the end of July 2024. Read the newsletter and discover much more!