Integrated surveillance ecosystem for European Authorities responsible for Maritime Operations leveraged by reliable and enhanced aerial support

I-SEAMORE is an Horizon Europe funded project that aims to develop an integrated Ecosystem composed of an advanced platform solution to host and manage the operation of several innovative assets, services and systems for maritime operations.

It aims to provide European Authorities with increased situational awareness and operational capabilities for Maritime surveillance operations resorting to aerial and water surface support. 

I-SEAMORE includes the modernization and/or development a set of services and tools that will enable the MOCs to take advantage from the use of heterogeneous data sources as well as data and information processing mechanisms.

4 Main Pillars

Employment and indirect tasking of multiple types of long-endurance Unmanned Assets (aerial and water surface)

Exploitation of heterogeneous data sources (including Copernicus Services)

Provision of a common operational picture empowered by a novel and comprehensive suite of data fusion services based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analysis, for optimal decision making and successful mission execution of the desired mission

Interoperability within the Ecosystem and its interface with key existing external systems

Project goals

To deliver a complete platform capable of managing the operation of multiple assets and systems with advanced maritime surveillance capabilities that can be easily deployed and operated at European Maritime Operation Centres

  • To provide reduced reaction/response ties
  • Enhanced cross border and cross-sectoral cooperation through improved information sharing
  • Improve integration environment connecting heterogeneous assets and tools
  • To contribute to the elaboration of policy recommendations on maritime surveillance systems
  • To facilitate interaction among a wide variety of stakeholders, including citizens and civil society
  • To understand citizens’ perception, awareness and acceptance on maritime surveillance and border security for the development of technological solutions
  • To contribute to the elaboration of policy recommendations on maritime surveillance systems
  • To enhance co-creation between end-users