Survey on Citizens’ Awareness and Acceptance of EU Maritime Security Systems

As a part of the activities of the I-SEAMORE project, we kindly invite you to engage in our survey focusing on the public’s awareness and acceptance of EU maritime security systems.

Funded by the Horizon Europe Programme of the European Union under the Grant Agreement No.101073911, I-SEAMORE aims to develop an integrated Ecosystem composed of an advanced platform solution to host and manage the operation of several innovative assets, services and systems. By doing so, it aims to provide European Authorities with increased situational awareness and operational capabilities for Maritime surveillance operations resorting to aerial and water surface support.

The I-SEAMORE Consortium is looking for citizens living in the EU countries to participate in the survey and provide their insights on the awareness and acceptance of maritime security systems.

We invite you to take part to the survey! By sharing your perspectives you will contribute to the analysis of the level of trust, acceptance and awareness of maritime security systems deployed in the EU.