Navigating Ethical Frontiers: Insights from the I-SEAMORE Ethics Workshop

The Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia (ISIG) recently hosted the I-SEAMORE Ethics internal workshop, a significant initiative aimed at comprehensively addressing social, ethical, legal, and privacy considerations within the realm of I-SEAMORE research activities. This workshop served as a pivotal moment for project partners to deepen their understanding of ethical dimensions and align their efforts with evolving guidelines.

SELP Framework Unveiling

At the heart of the workshop was the unveiling of the innovative SELP (Social, Ethical, Legal, Privacy) framework. This framework was designed to serve as a guiding light through the intricate intersection of ethical considerations, providing project partners with a comprehensive tool to navigate the complex landscape of I-SEAMORE research.

Objectives of the Workshop

1) Presentation of the SELP Framework

The workshop delved into the core of ethical considerations by presenting the SELP framework. This innovative tool empowers project partners to identify, understand, and seamlessly integrate social, ethical, legal, and privacy issues into the fabric of I-SEAMORE research. The objective was to equip participants with a solid understanding of the framework, ensuring it becomes an integral part of their decision-making processes.

2) Guidelines for SELP Framework Compliance

Understanding the importance of practical implementation, the workshop provided detailed insights and guidelines on how project partners and teams can effectively integrate and comply with the SELP framework. This session was crucial in ensuring that ethical considerations are not only acknowledged but actively managed throughout the entire course of I-SEAMORE research and technical development activities.

3) Coordination on Next Operational Steps

The workshop served as a platform for collaboration and coordination among project partners and independent ethics experts. By bringing these stakeholders together, the session aimed to plan and coordinate the next operational steps, fostering a shared commitment to ethical excellence. This collaborative effort ensures that the ethical compass remains firmly aligned with the groundbreaking research that I-SEAMORE is pioneering.

The I-SEAMORE Ethics Workshop, titled “Towards the Identification and Integration of Social, Ethical, Legal, and Privacy Issues in I-SEAMORE Research Activities,” marked a significant milestone in shaping the ethical landscape of the project. By addressing the intricate intersection of social, ethical, legal, and privacy considerations, the workshop equipped project partners with the essential skills to navigate the evolving ethical landscape. As I-SEAMORE continues to pioneer new frontiers in research and technical development, the commitment to ethical excellence ensures that the project progresses with integrity and societal responsibility at its core.