I-SEAMORE Project Participates in the Fourth edition of Projects to Policy Seminar

Every year, DG HOME (Directorate-General for Home Affairs) and REA (Research Executive Agency) co-organize the Projects to Policy Seminar, providing a platform for newly launched projects to engage with policy stakeholders. This year, the seminar proved to be a valuable opportunity for the I-SEAMORE project to showcase its contributions and collaborate with other stakeholders in the field of border management and maritime surveillance.

The fourth edition of the seminar gathered experts, policymakers, and project representatives in a face-to-face setting. The event featured thematic breakout sessions, with a plenary session highlighting presentations of general interest. Participants were organized into several thematic areas, including Fighting crime and terrorism & Infrastructure (FCT/INFRA), Strengthened Security Research and Innovation (SSRI), Disaster-resilient societies (DRS), and Border management (BM).

I-SEAMORE was represented by the Project Coordinator – Ricard Munné from Atos, Spain and the Dissemination and Communication leader – Admira Boshnyaku from F6S. The project was showcased within the framework of the Border management thematic session by the project Coordinator.  

For I-SEAMORE, the seminar proved to be a fruitful occasion to discuss pressing issues related to security, maritime surveillance, and border management as well as to share valuable insights from a policy perspective. The project team actively engaged with other participants and stakeholders, exchanging ideas, sharing best practices, and exploring avenues for collaboration. The event laid the foundations for strengthening cooperation not only within the border management thematic field but also across other thematic areas, fostering a multidisciplinary approach to security challenges.

The Projects to Policy Seminar proved to be an invaluable platform for I-SEAMORE and other projects to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the progress of security research. The seminar emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between research and policy, ultimately working towards a safer and more secure Europe.

Moving forward, the insights gained from the Projects to Policy Seminar will serve as a guiding force for I-SEAMORE in developing cutting-edge solutions and fostering collaboration with relevant stakeholders. The project remains steadfast in making significant contributions to the advancement of maritime surveillance, border management, and Europe’s security framework.