I-SEAMORE Project participates in METICOS final event

On October 26th, the H2020 METICOS project organized its final event, at the Warwick Hotel, in Brussels, under the theme “Fostering Innovation in the Border Management Sector: Where Technology Meets Societal Acceptance”.

It was a day focused on innovation and sustainability in Border Control, during which opportunities, challenges and transformations in this sector were discussed.

The event featured a segment aimed at highlighting the importance of the Border External Security (BES) Cluster, created by METICOS and of which the I-SEAMORE Project is part. This special session was dedicated to emphasizing the power of this collaboration in shaping the future of Border Control.

The panel included the participation of the I-SEAMORE project coordinator, Ricard Munné, as well as representatives of other sister projects and members of the BES Cluster: Promenade, FLEXI-Cross, NESTOR and METICOS.

In the first part, it was possible to learn more about the various projects in more detail, focusing on their research methodologies, main results, technologies under development and pilot activities.

Ricard Munné presented the primary objectives of the I-SEAMORE project, the partners involved, as well as the key technical pillars, security operational scenarios and main use cases of the platform.

Overall, the Project Coordinator gave a general introduction to I-SEAMORE, explaining how this platform capable of managing the operation of multiple assets and systems with advanced maritime surveillance capabilities is being built.

In a second and final part, it was possible to verify and compare the different technologies developed by each project, as well as whether their main components can work with different solutions, environments and sectors.

This METICOS event, despite marking the end of its project, demonstrates how the BES Cluster and its members will continue to be active and develop technologies that will revolutionize the future of border control. Continue to follow BES Cluster activities and news from the I-SEAMORE project.