I-SEAMORE project has kicked- off !

I-SEAMORE is an Horizon Europe funded project consisting of 17 partners from 11 countries. The project team members gathered in Madrid on 31th of January and 1st of february to kick-off the project that will last 30 months.

I-SEAMORE is an Ecosystem composed of an advanced platform solution to host and manage the operation of several innovative assets,services and systems that aim to provide European Authorities with increased situational awareness and operational capabilities for Maritime surveillance operations resorting to aerial and water surface support. 

The meeting was held in Atos premisses (the project coordinator) who has extensive experience in project management.It marked the start of the new project and provided the opportunity for project team members to come together, discuss the project’s goal and objectives, as well as establish clear lines of communication, roles and responsibilities, and a common understanding of the project’s scope, timeline and budget. During the meeting, there was also an engaging discussion with end-users to gain a deeper understanding of their needs, thereby ensuring that the project will meet their expectations