First General Assembly meeting of I-SEAMORE

The I-SEAMORE project consortium gathered for its first General Assembly meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. The meeting was held on the 20th and 21st of September, 2023 and was hosted by one of the key research partners in the project – INOV.

The General Assembly meeting was marked by fruitful discussions, informative presentations, and a shared commitment to realize I-SEAMORE’s objectives. Throughout these two days, partners discussed the progress within each of the project work packages and planned next steps. The discussions were focused on the following key aspects of I-SEAMORE project:

  • Co-Creation & Co-Design Phases: The assembly examined achievements, challenges, and forthcoming milestones for tasks including model-based analysis, co-design processes, definition of use cases, and security considerations. The assembly emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in crafting resilient maritime surveillance solutions.
  • Technical implementation: Partners discussed assessments of existing capabilities, data acquisition campaigns, physical adaptations of platforms, and UxVs processing enhancements. From the technical point of view also the development of the I-SEAMORE platform in terms of modules and services to be integrated were discussed.
  • Ecosystem integration, testing, validation & Final demonstration: Questions about ecosystem integration, drone flight permissions, and regulatory considerations were thoughtfully addressed.
  • Social, ethical, legal and privacy (SELP) aspects: The analysis of SELP concerns, citizens’ awareness, and acceptance of maritime security issues was discussed. The significance of ethical guidelines and the role of the Ethics Advisory Board were articulated.
  • Dissemination & Exploitation: Partners shared achievements, discussed communication activities, stakeholder engagement, business models, standardization efforts, and policy impact assessment. Ensuring the wider dissemination of I-SEAMORE’s outcomes was emphasized.
  • Project coordination: The project coordinator led the discussion focused on administration, contractual and financial management to ensure seamless project execution.

The meeting concluded with a session focused on planning next steps, discussing future deliverables, upcoming meetings, and the meeting’s key takeaways.