CERIS Event: Advancing Maritime Situational Awareness and Security

On February 19th, 2024, the Center for European Research on Intelligence and Security (CERIS) convened a pivotal event in Brussels, titled “Innovation for Maritime Situational Awareness and Security.” This gathering served as a platform for elucidating the forefront of European research, innovative solutions, and anticipated capability requirements within the domain of maritime situational awareness and security. Among the several participants contributing to this discourse was Ricard’s Munné, I-SEAMORE’s Project Coordinator from EVIDEN.

Ricard’s engagement unfolded during Session II of the event, themed “Innovative technologies for maritime situational awareness.” This session was moderated by the expert Pantelis Michalis, a recognized authority within the CERIS community. Alongside Ricard, panelists included Nikos Dourvas (CERTH-ITI), Anastasios Salis (Ministry of Migration and Asylum of Greece), Ricardo Oliveira Martins (Portuguese Naval Staff), Sirra Toivonen (VTT), and Mirco Scaffardi (CNIT), representing respectively the ROBORDER, REACTION, COMPASS2020, EURMARS and TUTELARY projects.

Ricard’s contribution was to publicize the objectives and methodologies of the I-SEAMORE Project. Positioned as an integrated ecosystem, I-SEAMORE seeks to deploy an advanced platform solution capable of hosting and orchestrating the operation of diverse innovative assets, services, and systems. With a specific focus on aerial and water surface support, the project aims to help European Authorities with heightened situational awareness and operational capabilities for maritime surveillance endeavors.

Reflecting on his participation, Ricard remarked, “It was very interesting to participate in the CERIS workshop and to exchange experiences with other projects on maritime awareness and security, as well as with practitioners and EU officials.” Our Project Coordinator highlights the collaborative spirit underlying initiatives such as I-SEAMORE and the broader collective effort to strengthen maritime security across European territories.

The CERIS event provided an invaluable platform for stakeholders across academia, industry, and governmental agencies to converge, fostering dialogue, and cultivating synergies in the pursuit of maritime security excellence. Ricard’s involvement exemplifies the commitment of I-SEAMORE and its partners to pioneering innovation in the service of safeguarding Europe’s maritime interests.